A new patent of the Korean brand Samsung was released, which consists of a telephone where the upper and lower end of the screen are appealed.

Researchers at BGN Technologies of Israel, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), revealed on Wednesday what they described as the "first fully optical encryption technolog

Multiple publications on social networks ensure that the coronavirus that emerged in late 2019 in China was created and patented in the United States, and includes patent information as evidence.

Louis Camilleri, executive director of Ferrari, recently confirmed that the Italian brand will launch a fully electric tourism "after" 2025.

One of the great objectives of the scientific community involved in biotechnology, in the broadest possible sense of the term, has been to "repair" DNA breaks precisely, producing a single cut in the genome in

These "xenobots" could be used to supply medications and clean the oceans.

The Californian brand has patented a solution that aims to isolate noise and preserve the temperature of the cabin.

Often companies request patents for ideas that never turn into projects, but on other occasions they do, making a patent application a tremendous clue to know what they are working on.

Everyone knows that Prince Enrique and Meghan Markle have their own brand, Sussex Royal and, after the "bombing" that broke out last Wednesday, has immediately been in the spotlight.