The Ministry of Culture sent a letter to the French fashion house claiming for the alleged use of "embroidery that is made and are the intellectual property" of an indigenous community for the lining of an armc

We have seen smart watches that become mobile, but it is the first time we see this: IBM has patented a smartwatch with eight folding screens that becomes a tablet.

The frenzy that characterizes the technology sector leads companies to patent ideas as strange as the protagonist of this article: a folding smartphone with four screens that probably will never leave the desig

Health is one of the great pillars of Apple at the moment. Innovation in this sector will be key to provide more functions to the Apple Watch, a device that has evolved to stagnate mainly in health and sports.

In the face of recurrent practices of cultural appropriation or plagiarism of native peoples' designs, Mexican indigenous women artisans exposed to the Fund for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples of Lati

The Superindustry did not give notoriety to the Crayola brand considering that the evidence gathered for this purpose was not enough

It is the first biotechnological event of resistance to an insect developed for this crop in more than two decades.

The processed mark was not granted, because the SIC considered that the signs confronted there are similarities that make them conceptually confused

The number of blockchain global patent applications significantly outpaces patent applications of other technologies, according to research conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI